Friday, June 5, 2009

Specter won't commit to Sotomayor; Paper: Fire Mary Beth Buchanan already

Politico: Specter won't commit to Sotomayor (Sheesh.)

Pa2010 analysis: Voting now a high-stakes proposition for Specter; Campisi: the primary race is a Dem of necessity vs. a Dem by choice

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial Thursday: Mr. President, time to fire Bush U.S. Attorney Buchanan already. (Amen to that!) (What IS Buchanan still doing there? Plenty of reason to remove her, and the Obama admin. replaced the interim U.S. attorney in Philly district already.)

As the P-G says:
Many Pittsburghers pleaded with her to stop wasting any more time and public resources on this case -- among them, this newspaper, its readers and 31 prominent local residents who signed an open, bipartisan letter to her. Among the signatories were fellow Republicans including Elsie Hillman, Melissa Hart and Jim Roddey.

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