Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Major Blogs Running Straw Poll at

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee PAC has put a site up for a straw poll of the Democratic "netroots" (that's short for Internet grassroots) on whether we should "draft" Sestak to run against Specter. Several major blogs are participating.

It's at The site has some interesting point/counterpoints posted, including an insightful one from Dan Urevick-Ackelsberg — editor of Young Philly Politics.


  1. The idea that Sestak needs to be "drafted" is plain silly. The guy is chomping at the bit to run. A more realistic question is: "Should we pull him away kicking and screaming?" :-)

    A Specter/Sestak primary will drain the money pool and leave either candidate very vulnerable to a well funded GOP challenger like Ridge after May 2010.

    Sestak's just a younger, more opportunistic version of Specter, who voted to give Bush a blank check in Iraq.

  2. Sestak isn't perfect -- no Democratic challenger will be -- but he appears to be better than Specter on the key Employee Free Choice Act that would transform this country for the better and help (and grow) the middle class. He MAY be better on including public option in health care reform. Etc.

    And it seems fairly likely that without a serious Democratic challenge, Specter would keep doing what he's been doing for the past week. Hopefully his possibly temporary loss of seniority will also help with getting him to be a better Democrat.